Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Trip to A&E

So you all know, the reason why i haven't been doing any crafting lately is because I had an accident involving my dad's attic ladder breaking on me while I was right at the top about to switch the light on.

For the past couple of weeks my left arm has been in constant pain so I went to A&E last night to get it checked out. Luckily nothing is broken but I did get told off for not taking regular pain killers or for letting it rest. How they expect me to rest my arm with no sling or anything is beyond me.

This morning I did try to let it rest but I still kept using my arm to lift and carry things. After a walk to the chemist (did try Asda last night) I still could not find a sling, so I have raided the first aid kit at work. I am now sat here feeling a bit of a plonker, trying to type quickly with one hand.

As soon as I am all healed I will get on with my crafts. I did try some knitting the other day but the pain was unbearable. Good news is i have nearly finished my first knitted scarf!!

Bye for now



  1. Hope your amking a good recovery
    Get well soon

  2. I hope that you are recovering from you injury now.

    I wanted to check if you still want to take part in the secret santa hamper? I am hopint to pair everyone up soon. Can you either reply to the secret santa blog or PM me via MSE?



  3. Ouch!!! and I hope you recover quickly (and grr to the no crafting - says Tempewytch who has done no stitching in AGES!)