Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wow it's been a while

Where to start.............

Well for one thing I can't believe it's been over a year since I last blogged!! Just shows how time flies when you are having fun.

A quick update on my life since 2009:

Moved back to Lincolnshire
Met a lovely man
Applied for college
Found a job
Got accepted for college
Turned down college due to not being able to work as well
Moved in with my lovely man
Got a doggy :)
Got a kitty :)
Got engaged!!!!

So I am now getting married on 10th November 2012 (10.11.12 hehe)

Seen as this is mainly about my crafting I thought I would post some of the designs I have done for invitations, I would love some feedback as I don't know which one I like most. Oh and yes the colour scheme is  black, white and LIME!!!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Jewellery Making

Here are some pictures of the jewellery I have made, with the hope of selling at carboots. I have sold a few pieces already :)

Monday, 9 November 2009

Snowman Soup!

I have finally been able to get my photos on to my laptop so you can all see how I have done my snowman soups!
Unfortunately I didn't get hold of any cones this year so your opinions on how they've turned out will be seriously appreciated.

The beginning!

The mugs!

Some more...

The musical one!

Mini Chocolate Bars

Sugary Marshmallow things

Mini Marshmallows

Marshmallows Wrapped Up

Finished Mugs!

I just hope that everyone likes them :O)

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Bit Disappointed

Here is the design I have come up with for the invitations, I have only made one so far as I need to see if she likes it first.

I am going to try and come up with a simpler design as I think this one would be to time consuming to make in such a short time.

Sorry about the poor image quality.

I guess I am a little bit out of touch as It is really rough and looks a mess.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

About Chuffin Time Hehe

It has been way to long since I posted and I apologise. I have just been so busy moving and starting my new life.

I am now living in St Helens, Merseyside and loving every minute. Unfortunately I still don't have a job though. So if anyone out there knows of any jobs available in St Helens please PLEASE consider me hehe.

I am finally getting to do some crafting as well as I have 30 - 40 invitations to make for a 60th birthday. I had designed the ready to be printed on the computer, but unfortunately I can no longer print them and will be making them by hand.

Here is the design I had originally.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Off to a Good Start

I am now on my second scarf which I started yesterday, this time I am attempting a black and pale mint greent, stripey one. So far it is going well and it is soooooo much easier to knit right handed!!

In answer to Tempewytch's quation, I have about 10 balls of wool that need using up!! Hoping to knit some squares that will be turned into blankets for charity to get it all used up.

Will get round to adding pictures ASAP.

Saturday, 20 June 2009


I have finally finished knitting my first scarf!!! I have also been shown how to knit right handed, which is so much easier, so now I can make scarves for eeryone for Christmas.

Will add pictures soon!!!